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alternative to ikea for budget cabinets

9 years ago

although i love the idea of ikea, the nearest one is 3 hours away. my husband and i don't have the time to drive there and back with 2 kids nor do i have the patience or knowledge to assemble cabinets. the idea of ikea appeals to me only because it is a cabinet that won't fall apart in a couple of years at a rock bottom price.
what others brands should i be looking at for decent(not fancy) cabinets at a budget price point. my house is a very moderate house in an area where even $500,000 house don't have kitchens as nice as the most budget minded gw have put in so i really cant go overboard as it is my plan to sell in the next 5-10 years.
i have a l shaped kitchen with 20 cabinets right now. of course, i want drawers on the bottom which increases cost but no cabinet over the refrigerator(I've been told that is pricey) and no glass in any uppers. i have a generic range with micro over and plan to keep it that way. the only thing i would like to move is flip the dishwasher from one side of the sink to the other for flow.
all ideas much appreciated.

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