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A/C not cycling during heat of the day.

16 years ago

Compressor is 3 years old. 2 ton I believe. Its a split setup with blower unit in well vented(fan assisted)attic. Filter is a washable type that I usually clean once a month or so.The reason for that is I have a hard time finding the correct size filter(odd size)

I live in northern Alabama and temps are now in the low 90's mid day.

I have a Honeywell programmable thermostat that is set for 78 during the day and cools to 75 in the evenings. Here as of the last few weeks I have come home to an 82+ degree home. Its started this late last summer but only happen on a couple of occasions

Last year I had a leak on the unit and it was a bad schrader valve.

I did notice yesterday when this happened that the line from the house to the compressor was frozen over.

I have been told its 2 things... I have a leak(low coolant) or coils need cleaning. Its blows pretty cool air so I doubt its a leak.

I guess Im just looking for thoughts. Im going to clean the compressor tonight and see how difficult the attic system will be to clean. I don't mind paying for the service but have been a mechanic/drag racer for many years and feel that it should not be that hard.


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