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The Virgin Diet Anyone?

10 years ago

A couple of my friends have been doing a 3 week cleanse and now I've found out a friend's daughter is also taking a class to do a 3 week cleanse. Last night when I was up way too late, I saw a PBS fund raiser with JJ Virgin pushing her diet which sounds very much like the cleanse.

You eliminate 7 foods (hah...true only if you consider dairy or gluten a "food") and you lose all this weight and you feel so much better because these foods you eliminate are supposed to trigger food intolerances that lead to all kinds of health issues...from joint pain to acne to metabolic syndrome to brain fog. She says this is due to "leaky gut syndrome".

You are supposed to do this for 3 weeks, then gradually test by adding back a food to see if your sensitivities return.

The Virgin Diet (2012) is a book about losing weight by avoiding food intolerances that affect you personally.

Eliminate gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, peanuts, sugar and sweeteners
Eat unprocessed, whole, natural foods that are humanely and naturally raised
1-2 meals a day are shakes: Virgin Diet Shakes
Challenge (reintroduce and check reactions) with dairy and eggs to see if there are any reactions and how frequently you can reintroduce them into your diet
Challenge with gluten and soy to see if you should avoid them completely
Continue to avoid foods you're intolerant to and regularly check your intolerances

Here is a list of all the ills it claims to alleviate:
The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: abdominal cramping, acne, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, bloating, blood sugar crashes, brain fog, candida/yeast overgrowth, chronic mucus/stuffy nose, congestion, constipation, dark circles under the eyes, depression, diarrhea, dull lifeless hair, eczema, fatigue, food addiction, food cravings, food intolerance, gas, headaches, heartburn/GERD, hyperactivity, inability to lose weight, insomnia, insulin resistance, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, irritable bowel disorder, joint pain, leaky gut syndrome, moodiness, muscle pain, overweight/obesity, poor or unsteady energy, premature aging, psoriasis, rosacea, sinusitis, skin rashes, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO, throat clearing

Has anyone heard of this? Tried it? If so, what's your take?

One GF lost weight but then returned to a lot of her old habits and didn't seem to change much. She did cut out milk though and replace it with coconut milk and she claims it has helped her allergies. Other GF has bought into more whole hog, has lost weight and seems very happy and confident and looks great. (Of course Mom and I looked better and were happier and more confident when we lost weight with weight watchers, so I don't know how much of that is from weight loss or this specific program.)

While it's not surprising that one would feel better if they ate better and lost weight, but it is the promise to cure so many things that makes me doubtful...that and the fact that, despite the PBS veneer, it was clearly a major infomercial.

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