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tell me about knitting needles

15 years ago

I keep reading about all sorts of different knitting needles -- usually by brand name, Addis and on and on and on (those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head) -- some people have definite strong favorites. I've tried some different ones and I know I don't like plastic at all, I like some of the metal ones (I think they might be teflon-coated), and I like the bamboo ones for certain things. I don't like circular needles that much but I do use them sometimes. But beyond that I don't know much about needles. So, do you have favorites, and if so what are they (brand names or whatever) and why do you like them? What are they made of? I assume most people use different types of needles for different things but maybe not... please help me learn more! Thanks!!

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