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Central AC had power surge, compressor stopped?

12 years ago

I had a power surge, my power in my house and my neighbors flickered. Central ac was on, it went off quickly, then on again making a louder than usual humming noise on the outside part, not the handler.

I shut down the central ac after about 5-10 min, waited 10 min, then turned it on again, the handler was blowing air, the fan outside was turning, but the compressor (black cylinder thing) was not on. A neighbor came over,

checked the house fuse box,

another fuse box outside the house with a flip up door?

All was well, he opened the case outside, the compressor was hot like an oven, to the touch. He used an electical meter? and said the compressor was getting power.

He tapped on the compressor, it started. Now it's working, after just hitting it? What could this be?

3 Ton Rheem, live in South FL, unit only 3 yrs old

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