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Hydronic Floor Heat - from basement ceiling

12 years ago

We live in a 50's post and beam house with cardecking between the spans, which span about 6 feet between beams. We don't have the head height to put in-floor radiant heat below the finished floor of our main level. The architects instead have proposed we place the tubing below the subfloor, against the cardecking ceiling from the lower level. They would then foil and insulate the space below that and a drop a ceiling in the lower level with can lights. In the main floor bedrooms and all through the downstairs we have Runtal Flat panel radiators with the knob on the side that lets you dial down the heat at the unit.

It seems that to heat the main floor from the ceiling the boiler will need to run quite a bit to get through all that wood: car decking, support floor, sub floor, float beneath the hardwoods (uneven floors), and the hardwood. It will probably be really hot in the other rooms unless we keep the radiators off.

We live in the Pacific NW, it doesn't get too cold, but the 40-50 degree days seem to persist for MONTHS!

Have you had experience with this type of system? What advice would you give? Go with the heating from the basement ceiling option, or go all radiators?


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