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converting stairs from carpet to hardwood - DIY?

16 years ago

We are continuing to convert our carpeted upstairs to hardwood floors (site-finished red oak, done the master bedroom already). We'll do the install but hire someone to sand and finish the flooring (using bona traffic). The next step will involve a hallway and stairs, and I can't get my head around how to do the stairs. The house was built in 1984, and I believe there is plywood under the carpet. There are some squeaky steps, so we want to fix those as well. The staircase is a straight run, with the top 6 steps between two walls and bottom six steps with a wall on one side and open/balusters on the other side.

My questions:

1) Any suggestions for website resources with instructions or photos?

2) Any preference for using solid treads and risers vs. 2 1/4 strip flooring and bullnose?

3) What else should I consider?

Thanks for your help.


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