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Chicken and Dumplings

16 years ago

I want to make chicken and dumplings this weekend but I can't remember how to make it. I have a 1.50 kg chicken in the freezer.

Would I poach the whole chicken in water with carrots and onions to make a broth and then take the skin off the chicken and debone it and put it back in the broth?

I want to make the fluffy type dumplings without having to use Bisquick. I want the broth to be gravy like so would cooking the dumplings in the broth thicken the gravy? I would add extra peas and carrots.

I haven't made this in years so want to try it again.
Anyone have a good recipe that you would serve your family?

I need a recipe for dumplings too - the fluffy kind, not the noodle kind.



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