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High blood pressure and losing memory

17 years ago

What is best way to lower blood pressure?

I check my blood pressure every day and about week ago, I had 138/85, 133/80, 133/82,148/83 and I did not worry but now my blood pressure is 160-175 and sometimes almost 200!

I don't think reason for my elevated blood pressure is taking herbal supplement call Hibiscus sabdariffa but I remember about taking this supplement twice.

My question is does Hibiscus flowers help to lower blood pressure?

I am not sure.

Maybe reason why I start having higher blood pressure is because I stop taking for walk these few days?

Another thing is suddenly I forgot simple things such as how to use wiper when I am driving and how to keep turning in water (I swim and I kept turning in water over 10 times like propeller for fun for hundreds of times in the past) but suddenly, few days ago I forgot how to turn and next day I found out why.

I was trying to turn in water by facing bottom of pool to float instead of facing ceiling to float.

Is this sign of getting senile?

I hope not.

Of course most people get senile as we get old but I need to keep sharp mind.

How many of you tried herbal supplement call Hibiscus sabdariffa?

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