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Diet and Blood Pressure

16 years ago

I am so amazed that I have to share this with all of you.

DH and I are in our early 40's and by most accounts healthy. While I do snack on the occasionally handful of cheetos, I feel we eat "pretty healthy" compared to most.

Some time back DH started getting severe headaches out of the blue. We made jokes about "the brain tumor" but really, they were horribly debilitating and he was scared.

My Step Dad was visiting and took his blood pressure with his portable kit and it was high. He's always had low blood pressure and we dismissed it as a fluke. But the other day he took it in the drug store on a lark and it was high again. Like real high.

He started reading about hypertension on the internet and the headaches and eye pain were symptoms.

So he wants to go on this "heart healthy" diet. I'm like "Yeah yeah whatever, blah blah blah..." because it is ALWAYS "some new magic bullet diet plan" with him trying to lose 10 pounds and be healthier. BUT, the hypertension was real I was supportive and decided to humor him.

We became aware of salt intake, and made SIMPLE switches. Whole wheat pasta instead of white flour. Ground turkey meat sauce instead of hamburger. No added salt while cooking. Less diet soda. Grilled fish fillet and grilled chicken instead of fried fish or a carne asada burrito. Yellow squash. Green beans. (fresh, of course) All bran muffins instead of white flour biscuits. Fresh sliced peaches (and other fresh fruit) instead of peach pie in a crust. Raw almonds instead of salted chips. Oh, and some NASTY salmon burgers that I had to run off and wolf down a handful of cheetos after eating, personally, I'll be avoiding THOSE (he liked them fine). But everything else was just SCRUMPTIOUS.

I went into this very skeptical 'cause like I said, I felt we ate decent already. But check this out:

IN FOUR DAYS he went from "you are a stroke waiting to happen" level blood pressure to being in the OPTIMUM zone. FOUR DAYS of just watching salt and eating "multigrain" over processed.

It really shocked me because I think of diet choices as being something that has to accumulate over years but it appears just a few days in the wrong, or RIGHT, direction can change everything.

OH, and he's been full the whole time, totally satisfied and not craving like usual, and it's been about SIX days now and his weight is its lowest in TWO YEARS and he has not been trying to LOSE this time, just trying to eat healthier.

I thought I should share in case any of you or your loved ones have high blood pressure.

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