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Questions about multivitamins etc.

19 years ago

My DH brought home a bunch of different vitamins for us to take (guess they had a sale at Costco!). I read on one label, for example, that one 500 mcg tablet of B-12 provided 8333% of the minimum daily requirement. I don't think I need over EIGHT THOUSAND percent of any vitamin!

I'd like to take a good multivitamin, cuz I don't always eat right. Do you have a favorite multivitamin? (I'm slightly over the "half-century" mark if that has any bearing in recommendations)

I'd like to round out a once-a-day multivitamin with extra "C" and "E" and also Caltrate-D--maybe B-6 and B-12 (but NOT over 8000% !) Any other vitamins or supplements you'd recommend? Cyberspace seems to have **too much info** for me to wade thru effectively!

Thanks for any input you may have!



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