Loss of both My Parents


My Dad fractured his hip, came through the surgery, and was transferred to a Re-hab for therapy before coming back home. My Mom fractured her hip 6-days later (opposite side from my Dad), and after a successful surgery, went to same Re-hab in same room with my Dad so they could rehabilitate together. There was an out-break of a deadly infection called C-Dif on the second floor of the facility. Both parents were transported to the ER on 7/4, after me telling the nursing staff repeatedly that there was something very wrong with my Parents. The professionals kept telling me that my Parents were elderly, in an unfamiliar environment, on medication, etc..

On 7/13 my Mom died, and on 8/10 my Dad died. I feel that if I had been more aggressive with the "Professionals" my Parents would still be here. My Parents and I were very close (I'm an only child). We saw each other every day, and did a lot of things together. I just finished moving everything from their apartment to my home, and am now dealing with all of the financial stuff with an attorney.

I miss them both terribly.......

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Hi Beverly238,
I am so sorry to hear of your losses...it is such a terrible thing to have happened, but I don't think you should blame yourself, although I know that must be almost impossible. We are taught to trust our doctors, priests, policemen, etc. so it is common that you should trust what they told you, even if you had some misgivings. I don't know if there is anything that you can do to make yourself believe this, but I think from an outside perspective you were not in the wrong. I just lost my mom as well, that is why I am on this board, and I hope I can offer you some comfort as others have tried to comfort me. Maybe someday, as healing progresses, you can tell your story to others, and maybe make a difference in their lives if they come upon the same situation that you were in. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

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