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Help Picking a Color Stain for White Oak Floors

16 years ago

Please help me pick a color stain for my old white oak floors. I'm having a very hard time making a decision and would really appreciate any suggestions, advice and photos.

I've recently come to love the look of dark wood flooring with light walls but have been told that it's very hard to keep clean and will show every spec of dust and dirt.

I do not plan on repainting any time soon and the walls are currently painted Linen White, except for the kitchen which is painted EK Buttercream. The kitchen cabinets are white. I realize some will think this is a boring color scheme but I need help none the less. lol

Also, there's a chance I might need to either sell or rent in a year, so I'm looking for a stain that I like and is also universally appealing, if such a thing even exists!


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