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Should I let 1and1 host my site I'm nervous about their bad press

16 years ago

I'm a newbie and need some reassurance - or warnings about 1and1 hosting. I know nothing about websites and hosting. I signed on for a hosting package with 1and1 last summer (at the recommendation of someone whom I've since come to learn doesn't really know much about this stuff).

I registered a domain name there - just to secure it, but I wasn't ready to design my website. Now I've finally written my content and hired a web designer. She's nearly done with the design and about to give it to her programmer. Her programmer said to tell me that they've had customers with very bad experiences with 1and 1 hosting. He forwarded a google search that contained endless horror stories.

Now I'm scared - and overwhelmed. Should I switch companies before I actually put my site on 1and1? And if I need to switch first, how do I do that? My domain name is registered with them and one of the horror stories is that they dont' let you take your domain name - they fight you on it - and continue to bill you and don't really accept that you terminate the contract with them.

I also know that if you do a google search on almost anything, there are lots of horror stories and complaints. I had thought that I'd heard fairly good things about them before - but maybe those web reviews were not impartial.

Any feedback and advice from people.

Thanks for any help.


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