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I have read through most of your posts and wanted to tell you all that this website was a Godsend to me. For those of you who aren't aware of me I lost my Mom 2 years ago, I am a 40 year old woman with 3 daughters and just didn;t know how to handle it - just having such a horrible time with it, panic attacks, knotted pits of anxiety in my stomach, fighting the depression and sadness, thinking the strangest thoughts - like that I am a bad person - over the past 1 year since these "attacks" didn;t hit me until last summer ( June 10 ) I needed something to help me, I tried a counsellor last year, thought that helped....tried talking with friends, thought that helped.....I tried talking about her to family members, thought that would help....the fact of the matter is nothing will completely get rid of the hurt, but doing things like this and time, helps ease it little by little and especially speaking with those of you who have gone through it - it's no surprise we all will eventually go through it or have already a few times! poor souls...

No one ever said handling the death of a loved one would be easy, I just never thought it was going to be THIS difficult! I need to just be normal and happy again! :)

Thanks for listening all


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Are their any support groups? Check the YMCA, churches, your Dr, hospital social service, newspaper. It will take time.

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I am so sorry that you lost your Mom, please accept my condolences.
I lost my sweet husband of 37 years almost 4 years ago and I experienced every thing you described and still do but in a lesser degree as time goes by. We will all get back to 'normal' again but it will be a different normal because how could it be the same as it was, they are not with us anymore. Have faith and we will get through this.

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I am sorry for your loss; I lost my Mom Feb. 25, 2009. She had been sick for about a year, we expected it, but it doesn't make it any easier to accept that this is forever.

I wanted to share a little with you about how I deal with missing my Mom. I went out and bought a journal with her favorite colored paper (purple), and I took her perfume (White Diamonds) and misted the pages a little with it. I take a few minutes each day and write to her about the days events, or how much I missed her, or problems that have came up that only she could have helped me with, or just a happy memory of something we shared, and although I know she is not going to give me the answers I am looking for, sometimes I can see things much clearer when I finish writing. Sometimes, days later, when I go back and read I find myself laughing that I was stressing over "that" whatever "that" might have been. The point I am getting at is the purple paper and her perfume bring me close to her memory and I find myself looking forward to those few minutes I spend remembering the good times, instead of dreading the time the feeling of loneliness is going to set in.

Thanks for listening,

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