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please help with hooking dvd player and vcr up to the tv

17 years ago

I have always been the one in the family to hook up the tv antenna to the TV and the VCR etc. BUT since we got the DVD player I HAVE NO IDEA how to hook all this stuff up together! We have an outside antenna, no cable tv out here in the country, but the wires that run from our outside antenna is a coax cable. I want to be able to use the DVD to record with and play from my VCR. I have some family videos I'd like to put on DVD's. Then sometimes I might want to record from the VCR. Would I have to reconnect and change things around if I decide to record from the VCR? I have no clue how all this works since we got the DVD player. In fact I am just now beginning to learn how to use the thing! lol

Anyway can someone tell me how to hook all of this up together please? In plain English would be nice! :) I have all our books for each of the DVD, VCR and the TV.

I have herds of connections and cables and S-video thing that has something to do with colorstream! lol whatever that is. I also have a 3 way splitter but don't know how to hook it all up.

ALSO before I forget to make this more complicated.... lol I also have this small black box that is a booster and I think that's for the outside antenna, and it gets to be hooked into all of this. It has 1 (IN) place to plug the coax into and then it has 2 (OUT) places to plug the coax into. Would someone be so kind to help me get this all plugged together????

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