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Feeling guilty because I miss my dog

15 years ago

I know this is a place where most of you come to express your grief at the loss of your human family. I have lost my dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, my mother, 7 uncles,my best friend (she survived a double mastectomy only to die of Lou Gehrig's disease) and all those losses hurt, but the loss I am having the hardest time dealing with is the death of my dog Homer.

I am a fully functioning female, married for 24 years, two kids, a home, not a lot of friends but those I have are pretty close. I think for the most part I am well-adjusted.

But I can't seem to get over my dog's death. It is not a metaphor or a substitute for the humans I have lost--I have grieved them, been angry, come to terms with it, as much as I can.

But oh, I miss my Homer, he was such a huge part of my life, was never away from him for more than a few hours during our life together.

I feel stupid and shallow, but the truth is, this hurts worse than any other loss in my life.

Am I crazy?


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