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Help needed ASAP - 50 to 60 @ 1pm "potluck"

10 years ago

I posted on Entertaining but that forum looks pretty slow - lots of old threads. I need help helping with a 100th birthday party less than 1 month away (my dad's uncle).

His DD has got a hall, wanted to do potluck since she doesn't have much money, 1 granddaughter is bringing sausage and peppers and mac and cheese (I don't know how much), a friend is bringing baked beans. I want to try to suggest to my (dad's) cousin that she ask people to prepare specific things (maybe 2 more big pans of sausage, 3 of meatballs, 5 of baked pasta with sauce) rather than letting people bring whatever they want.

Can anyone suggest a menu for 1pm party (given what she already has coming, some non-pork eaters, wide range of ages and health), and quantities (as well as tactful way to suggest a "menu")?


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