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I need help with cpap machine question.....

14 years ago

Long story short, I am certain (as is my husband and a surgeon that operated on me recently) that I have sleep apnea. Of course to what degree is uncertain since I haven't had an official sleep study done (I'm unemployed & uninsured at the moment). Anyway, I have an opportunity to buy one from an individual, and I have a friend whose job entails the set-up of these machines for people in their homes, so I think he would certainly adjust mine for me. My biggest question is this: Is there any harm in my doing this without the supervision of a doctor ? I don't mind going for the sleep study, I just can't afford to right now. As soon as I have health insurance again, I plan to pursue this. In the meantime, I'm tired of being tired, and I'm extremely concerned about the risk of serious damage to my health, such as heart attack & stroke that I've heard can be associated with sleep apnea.

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