Why did they ruin this site?


Looks like this site just died. I am sorry someone did this to those folks who needed help.

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hi Maggie
i read your post then came back to it. i am one of those people who just doesn't like to cause waves, but i do have to agree with you. i used to post all the time on caregives, and well...you can see that i am here now. when i lost my husband i thought ok here is a good site, well, i guess i was wrong. i found that quite afew folks out there were well...cold, yes i know why we are all on this site, but we are all here for the same reason basically to have someone hear us and get a hug and shed a tear, and sometimes have a little smile. our lives will never,never be the same and no one will ever take our love ones place and we are not looking to replace them. life is tough, i seem to think that lately no one smiles or can say anything nice to anyone, they just seem to think how can i be rude and tick this person off. As you can see by the time of my post, i am having a back night, it has been over 4 years since i lost my Al and i still have a hard time coping. so everyone out there, lets all start afresh, i start another post so tell us all about you and how do you cope. enjoy the day, and smell the flowers!


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Deborah, I am sorry that no one got back to you. I think the place to go is the kitchen table site. People talk about a lot of different things and when you are suffering they will pitch in.Go over there and get involved. You have so many changes in your life that are hard to get used to (who wants to get used to them.) So you will find widows and people with interesting things to say who are kind. I hope to see you there soon. Let this one die if that is the right word. You'll be able to read the stories over there anytime you want. Go on :-)

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