Childless Parents...where do we belong?

11 years ago


Just wondering if there are any childless parents out there? For any of you suffering a loss of any kind, you have my sympathy. I have been a poster for a long time here, and was just wondering who out here is a parent who has lost a child or all children, be it from pregnancy or infant loss, to losing a child of any age. With Mother's Day nearing, Father's Day as well, even if you have surviving children, do you ever feel like you don't "feel right", don't quite fit in? Would love to hear from all, some of you I can remember from a long time back. Also, anyone who has lost one or both parents may identify with

this subject as well. Both my parents are gone, in my 40's, and both children are deceased as well, one full-term stillbirth in my 20's, and lost my 18 year old daughter in an auto accident nearly 5 years ago. So, I am well-aquainted, unfortunately, with grieving persons. Thank you for responding.

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