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Laminate Wood Floors are making me CRAZY, any suggestions???

16 years ago

I have a medium dark wood laminate flooring in the living room, dining room and hallways, bedrooms are carpeted and the kitchen is tiled...

I have tried EVERYTHING to clean these floors (vinegar, specialized laminate cleaning sprays, murphy's oil soap, etc etc, etc........and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING seems to ever make them appear shiny and clean...usually almost immediately after cleaning them, except for about 10 minutes after they dry, when they look ok....they become dull and recently I tried doing a strip job on them..I could see a residue on the floors that looked like soap scum...using Crud Cutter (from H Depot) What seemed to be loosened up was a sticky gummy yellowish film that took alot to get up.....Now, after getting this up....the floors actually looked better...I am yet to do the WHOLE floor with this techique...but I'm working on it. If anyone out there has any suggestions please let me know.

what compounds this problem is that we have dogs...short haired, but it seems that I'm just moving dust, lint, dog fur from one place to the next...I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE ;)

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