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My dad passed away recently.

12 years ago

My father passed away at the age of 57 yrs. My father was coming home from work after midnight on Tuesday morning he was a couple miles from home. He hit some ice on the off ramp it spun him into the highway where a semi truck hit him in the drivers side pushing his body into the passengers side. He was rushed to the hospital where my mother and I met first, we were told of his fatal accident and eternal bleeding it caused. The site was hard to take, chest compressions and tubes. My father left this earth 11:25 am on Feb,9th,2010 to be with the Lord. This has been hard on my mother,sister and I. These past couple of days it feels like it is not real, like he is on a trip. My heart hurts for my mother and the loss of this life. My memories will always be there, but it is the emptiness of his presence that I miss most. I want to call him , but can't. I feel like a whole was ripped into my heart and it will never be filled. I have thought of this moment before but never would I have thought it would happen like this or even so soon in his life. My hope still remains in the Lord, my faith is strong, my heart cries in the night and the loneliness is so very real. Thank you to my God and my husband for helping me be the strength my moms and sister needs. I just can't believe it is real. I am so sorry to all people who have lost such a close person in there life. I never knew the hurt and pain as I do now, may God be with us all in this hard time and days ahead we still wished we had with the ones we love. Still need prayers or uplifting advice.

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