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WWYD? Advice on basement flooring, please!

10 years ago

We have over 1500 sq ft of basement that we are finishing on a tight budget. We are NOT handy at all, so we can't DIY. We planned to have the concrete floors stained, but it turns out that the floors have been painted. I love the comfort of carpet, but with pets in the house that is out. I'm concerned about the possibility of mold with vinyl and don't want to take that risk.

That leaves laminate, stone/tile, and paint as our options. Each has its own drawbacks--

Stone/Tile: more expensive, hard on feet/back/kids who like to tumble & play
Laminate: not as durable, the good stuff is pricey
Paint: also not as durable, and also very hard on feet & kids

I want the space to be bright, happy, warm, comfortable, low maintenance, and fun. We'll have a tv area, space for games, a seating area with fireplace, and a reading space. Also 2 bedrooms.

I'm stuck! I have been thinking about this for 6 weeks and still can't make a decision! What would you do?

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