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hi i need help with my marriage and partner

18 years ago

In February this year I have just gotten married to a wonderful man. We have moved into this nice private apartment and I have no problem with rents and bills as well as insurance. But my problem is my husband. He only works part time at Marks and Spencer and doesn't earn even £200 a month. He wants to get involved in paying the bills and such but he can't afford this apartment that we live in. I pay for all the things. I told him to look for a full time job and we'll split it 50/50 but he hasn't been looking hard enough, which I think is an excuse. If he wants to get involved in all of this he should start earning some cash. He's really old fashioned and wants to pay the rents and bills all by himself. He says its a man's job. He also dropped out of college in his teens and is not qualified to get a well-paid job like I do. I've done everything I could to save this marriage. It's not even a year yet and we're having problems. what shall i do?

do you think he wants me for financial support?



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