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Which would you buy if you were on a budget?

17 years ago

I'm trying to help my daughter pick out a new dining room table. She has a budget of around $1,000 or so. She could probably spend more, but newly married and living in California where homes that are kind of dumpy cost more than a million, her priority is saving up to buy a house.

Her choices are:

1. A new set from a discount furniture store (near downtown LA in the not so great areas you can get some real discounts).

These sets are all from China, but they give great deals. Of course the quality isn't what I'm used to.

2. Getting something second hand like through an estate sale or Craig's list. It seems like furniture depreciates quite a bit.

This won't be her last set, she is pairing it up with a DR hutch (circa 1950s or earlier) left to her by my aunt (mahogony).

I am leaning towards advising her to pick up something second hand. I've gotten some unbelievable deals through the years. The new stuff looks pretty nice but I don't know how it will hold up.

I'm just curious --which one would you chose?

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