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Strange thing about making yogurt

13 years ago

I make homemade yogurt and believe it or not my yogurt has its own mind. Seriously! I can be doing the exact same things but each batch turns out differently. Some days, it's just gorgeous but others, not so pretty.

Two weeks ago I made one batch with Acidolphilus. After 8 hours, all six cups of milk still sat there looking like... MILK! I saved it in the fridge for cooking. Two days later, I made another batch and this time it turned out as beautiful as it could be.

I used a little bit of the failed yogurt (well, more like milk) every day until two days ago. Nothing in my cooking required milk so I push the jar into the back of the fridge.

Came home from shopping this afternoon, went to the fridge to get the last bit of yogurt milk out for cooking. To my surprise, it was yogurt! It looked like yogurt, smelled like yogurt, and even tasted like yogurt! I was amazed! Never thought it would turn into yogurt after all these days, in such cold temperature (in the back of the fridge)!

My husband probably would freak out because I ate it with some of my homemade granola! Not so much I wanted to poison myself; just wanted to know if the cultures could actually grow in such environment and to produce harmless yogurt. If I threw it out I would never know, right? LOL I ate it an hour ago and so far I am good.


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