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how to finish site-finished walnut (oil/water based combination)

8 years ago

I am in the middle of getting quotes on site finished walnut flooring. We are looking at 5" plank width. I visited the whole saler this morning, and in talking with them they suggested one coat of oil SEALER, followed by 2 coats of water based (Bona HD traffic) for durability. (we are going with Extra Matte for low sheen).

Are we on the right track with this?

One installer/finisher I spoke with seemed to follow this procedure, and another I spoke with said they typically just use 3 coats of the Bona Traffic and no oil based sealer. I was told by the whole saler that the oil sealer will bring out a deep richness to the walnut that an oil based normally wouldn't on it's own. They suggested staying within the bona line for the oil based sealer as well.

Is this true about the color? Is this the best direction to go?


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