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Can you be friends with someone who has different finances?

16 years ago

And won't stop braggin about their's? It's not that I am not happy for other's in a better place, but when they say their 'husband pays for everything', 'we make tooooo much money' lol, when they know ya got it tough. Isn't that inconsiderate? I've tried to be quiet about it, but she keeps bringin it up..but I confronted her one day, after her bragging and asked her, 'what do you need money for?' (since she works) minute she brags, next; she's doin all the OT she can? She finally said it is for a second house. When I don't answer an email, she asks if my service was disconnected? Time for this to end? Sure hope nothin happens to her husband. She hasn't spoke since I had the comeback, so she should know this is touchy area. She's never had any struggles to be empathetic to anyone else..

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