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Wide plank walnut floor install options

16 years ago

Sorry for a duplicate post, I also put this question in the Kitchen forum.

Was wondering if I could get a sense of what folks prefer regarding installation of wide plank wood floors. During demo we removed 8" (yes, INCHES) of old layers of flooring. At the bottom we found Black Walnut planks! Unfortunately they were in terrible condition but thick enough that our contractor sent them to be refurbished (planed and tongue and grooved) and now we have 11" wide black walnut planks. Because of the width of the planks we apparently need to secure them from the surface. We have two options for the install. 1) We can use surface nails (old style cut nails) or 2) We can drill and screw and cover with wood plugs.

The house is a 226 year old colonial. It is not rustic at all.

My instinct says screw and plug but wanted general thoughts from others who have obsessed similarly!


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