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I just bought these yoga tapes from Target and I am wondering if anyone else has bought yoga tapes or done yoga and what they felt afterwards. Any experiences you would like to share would be helpful. Also does it help you lose weight like they say? Or at least relax you and help you live stress free? TIA


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Hi Jennifer. I've been doing yoga for several years. Living out in the boonies, tapes and books were my only options until last year when the local rec cen offered classes....taught by a woman who had learned from tapes herself.

I started with Hatha, then started adding power yoga. Practicing either will help you strengthen, releive stress and improve your posture. But for me, I had to add the power yoga in order to see any weight loss. You may not need to.

How do I feel afterwards? Both relaxed and energized. Just good. The benifits are immediate, which makes it easy to get off your butt then next day and do it again.

The long term benifits are also worth while. Balance, flexability, coordination and better reflexes to go along with those long, lean muscles.

Last summer at a family reunion I challenged all my little neices and nephews (ages 3-16) to a 'stand on one foot' contest. I am 39. They hopped on one foot, had their arms flying all over the place and droppped out one by one as I stood perfectly still, my left foot raised up and pressed into my right thigh. They were flabbergasted, as were my siblings. I was smug. I also offered $5 to any of them who could "sit like me". But not one of those strong yung'uns could get themselves into a full lotus position.

That was fun, but there are every-day benifits that are more important. Time was, I could not back out of my long driveway with my seat belt on. I had to move up off of one buttock to turn enough to see that far behind me. Now it is not a problem. Ever slip on ice, jerking your body in a failed attempt to stay on your feet? Your backside and pride may hurt from the landing, but that jerking reation can wreak havok on your back and neck. Better balance and reflexes help you stay on your feet and strong muscles protect you from injury. It's also a good idea to learn how to fall properly.

Something to keep in mind: Those people in the tapes, they have been doing this stuff for years. Decades maybe. Don't force yourself into any of the poses. They will get easier. It is not important that you can put you head on your knee, it is important that you feel the stretch or the contraction where you are supposed to and keep your breathing slow and even.

I have quite a few tapes and have barrowed several from the Family Video (they have free 'public service' tapes to loan out including many excersize videos) Some instructors are really hung up on keeping your back perfectly straight during the poses. Others encourage it, but also ask you to round your back to stretch it at certain points in the tape. Still others are not overly concerned about it, telling you to work with your body and if your body says round the back, round it. Decide for yourself. No two yogis are alike.

Right now I am doing Pilates, with yoga as a warm up and cool down. I am really liking that becuase it really is working my ab and back muscles more than yoga. Although yoga does emphisize these areas, HOW you hold those muscle is different in Pilates and IMO, works better for that area.

Hope this helps.


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I've been doing yoga for a couple of years now I love it.

Sore. Like any new exercise you'll be a bit sore.

Great. I find it very relaxing, and I can feel my back unwind. It is great after I've spent hours on the computer.

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I hope to combine my recent attempts at a fitness program (joined a club) with all the yoga I learned in the past. I've gotten WAY outta shape. Because I can't seem to breathe right for some reason, I'm now doing some light weight-lifting at a gym, and using the elliptical cross-trainer machine for cardio-vascular workout.

The weights and all are great and I really have improved even in just one week's time -- can breathe better, etc..

However, there are definite plusses to yoga. For me, anyway, yoga seems more detailed and refined, and is more of a spiritual tune-up. For instance, my feet don't really do much, they're just all bound up in their shoes, for the weights workout. But, in yoga, toes and fingers are more significant (which they are!)

Anyway...wherever you start, you're sure to become more appreciative of ANY fitness program and you'll find what's good for you. Good luck!

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I have been doing Pilates for about 9 months now. I concur with the above advice about not rushing. I couldn't do anything when I started, had no flexibility at all and zero ab strength. Now, I look like a good example of intermediate skills. Advanced will come one day. But I see a look of slight fear in newcomers, who see what we are doing, and may think that we just jumped into it able to do it. HA! It took a lot of patience, but has been well worth it.

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I do yoga with tapes at home. I love it for toning and for stress relief. I used to take a class at the gym, but the time doesn't work with my schedule. They do sell yoga tapes specifically for weight loss. I have one that is called Yoga for Weight Loss or something like that.

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