weighted exercise vests


I am looking to buy a weighted exercise vest for my walking routine. There are so many different ones - does anyone have a good or bad experience with one - I would appreciate your feelings on them. thankyou

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Just curious as to what are you trying to accomplish by adding weights to your walking? Seems to me it would likely put stress on your back and possibly your knees, increasing the likelihood of injury.

If you're trying to improve your cardio workout, you're probably better off walking faster and/or longer. If you're trying to improve your muscle strength, you're better off using hand weights to target specific muscles, and not during walking.

Just some food for thought....

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bons is giving you some good advice.You might try uphill and downhill walking as this would be a better alternative.

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Good advice from bons and chitown.
Adding extra weight may cause more harm than good, especially if you have arthritis.

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