Ok When Will Weight Start dropping?


For a month now Ive been getting on excersise bike 5 miles a day. I went down 1 pants size feels like Im working on another,theyre getting baggy. But my weight hasnt dropped when does this happen???Soon???

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Stop weighing yourself! It's not about weight, it's about feeling better and looking leaner. If you had not stepped on the scales, you would be pleased as punch about dropping a pants size and having more energy.

Muscle tissue weight more than fatty tissue, but takes up less space. In the early stages of an exercise program, it's usual to lose inches and not lose weight, or even gain weight as the muscle mass starts building and the fatty tissue starts giving up its fat stores. Just keep track of the shrinking buns and thighs ...

I went from a flabby 105 to a muscular 120 or so with about 6 months of weight training, and lost some inches as I gained weight.

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Ditto what lazygardens wrote. Stay off the scale except for rare occasions (say, every other month or so). What you weigh isn't nearly as important as endurance, strength, and how you fell. Keep up the good work!

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Converting fatty tissue to lean tissue also reaps benefits, in that lean tissue burns calories more efficiently. So over time, it will enhance the weight loss you are striving for.

But also note, you have to practice healthy eating and portion control, because exercise alone won't do it (two summers ago I jogged 2.5 miles a day and gained weight because I was eating like a pig).

At the same time, make sure you eat enough, so that on days you work out, your body won't be starved. That is the other extreme that can cause you to not lose.

In summary, ensure you are eating wisely and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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What TREKaren said!

-- Don't over eat
-- Don't skip meals
-- Don't diet
-- DO eat plenty of healthy, nutritious foods in moderation.
-- Eat enough calories to sustain your metabolism and prevent feeling hungry (you should not feel hungry)
-- Exercise regularly
-- Do this consistently as part of a healthy lifestyle, not just to lose weight
-- Don't weigh yourself

That's all there is to it.


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I weigh myself weekly, but I also read my body fat %. I usually don't care, but I'm trying to log a 3 month program I'm doing.

In general, do what they said above, but if you are going to keep weighing yourself... do the body fat % too. Muscle weighs more than fat. ;)

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