organic nutrient - raw honey



We climb up to Chinese High Mountains every years to collect precious raw honey back to home. Only at the Summer time with fine weather.

The collected and stored raw honey is adopted by ourselves, and sold to neighbours and citizens of our country.

As its high value and nutrients, many peoples after adopting our raw honeys becomes healthy and strong.

Childrens resist illness; women improve facial youngness, elder peoples rejuvenate body youngness, etc..

100% raw without heating, filtering, sugars, colors; No kept flowers farms, No kept bees hives! So, it is full of vitamins, minerals, residues of pollens, propolis, and live enzymes, super beneficial to human intakes

As the matter of ORGANIC Nutrients popularity nowadays, we recommend our raw honey to oversea families and customers.

If you are interested, we can prepare packing with PET bottle of : 250gram per jar/bottle, 500gram, or 1kg

Shipped by preferred carriers like register airpost, EMS speedpost, or Courier.

We accept western union payment, once received, prompt arrangement of shipment!

Let us know what you need,

We will take care of you for sure!


Jason Chan

Natural Essence

Hong Kong

naturalessence at 163 dot com

Tel : 852-95728799

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