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17 years ago

Good Morning All,

Not a good morning here in NH. Deaths and destruction all around us as torrential rain and flooding occured this weekend in much of SW NH this weekend. I just got a call that my friends mothers house was swept away on Saturday and she had to be rescued via helicopter. That is just one of many homes in a small town called Alstead. Many dams have breeched and others are on the verge so we are all not out of the woods yet. We are safe for the most part here in Hancock but all around us bridges and roads are washed out along with people's homes. So strange for this are but we got over 11" of rain on Saturday.

On other bad news, DH had a mole that has been on his leg for several years and it's a melanoma. It's strange because he has had his PCP look at it several times and each time she said "it's nothing to worry about". This year it's gotten larger and he went again and told her that he wanted it off. Again she said, "it's nothing" but took it off. Two weeks ago he got a call from her telling him he had to go to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. This week he goes to the dematologist there, then the week of the 24th he has a pre-op appointment and then surgery on the 31st. He will be in the hospital about a week! and they anticipate having to do a skin graft which will put him out of work for 6-8 weeks! Worse yet, they will be testing to see if it's spread to the lymph nodes. We have never been through the "C" word before so we are both nervous and I, frankly, am scared. I keep telling myself that everything will be alright.

Part of me feels angry that his PCP did not send him to a dermatologist but she told him this thing did not fit the profile of a melanoma. I don't know what to think but my being angry at that is water over the dam. Boy that's not a good analogy to use today.........I am overwhelmed.

Sorry to start your Monday morning off like this but I have to vent. Hopefully, you all are enjoying a nice holiday.

Today, DH and I are going to work on our Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will stuff. Probably should have thought of that sooner!

Everything is perfect the way it is............ohmmmmmmmmmmmm

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