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Sportscraft Treadmill question

15 years ago

My treadmill quit working a couple weeks ago and I can't find any info on it in my owner's manual or at their website. I've tried e-mailing them and calling their 1-800 number too. First time I called I was on the line for 10 minutes and they disconnected me. Called back and left my name and number. I just tried again, six minutes. I'm beginning to wonder if they have a customer service at all.

Anyway, I'm getting a little desperate and want to use my treadmill since I paid so much for the stupid thing. It would turn on and the belt would move, very slowly for maybe 15 seconds and then stop. A message comes on the monitor that says E3. I've tried to see if something was lodged in the belt underneath it and don't see anything.

Can someone please help me? What could be wrong?

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