What power bar is best?


I am going on a long trip and want to include several power bars in my carry on. What is the best brand? I know some are full of sugar. Just don't have time to do the research so I'm asking the experts on this forum.


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Many are either high in carbs or high in fat. You may have to check the label depending on the eating style you are maintaining.

I pack Nutrigrain Yogurt Bars (three weight watchers points), a bottle of water, and the Quaker Oatmeal cinnamon sugar bars (two weight watchers points). If you have a cooler compartment to keep food cool in your bag, try the new Dannon lite and fit smoothie drinkable yogurts. They are delicious and are two weight watchers points.

You are smart to think to pack ahead because they rarely have food on planes now. So if you buy in the airport it either will cost mucho $$$ or it will be unhealthy and fattening, or usually BOTH!

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