heart rate monitor/calorie counter watch anybody?


I posted this in the Diet forum last week, but probably should have posted it here.

Does anybody use a heart rate monitor watch that computes your calories burned during exercise? I just bought one, and I think it's going to be very useful (provided it doesn't fizzle out on me -- the quality of these watches seems to vary).

I've been checking the intensity of my various exercises, and it's been illuminating. In 2 hours of biking my heart rate varies between 80 to 162 bpm, and most of the time it's in the 120-140 bpm range. I burned 1000 calories. And my step aerobics videos, the Gin Miller one gets my heart rate to 150-160 bpm & keeps it there for a calorie burn of 490, the Cathe Friedrich one ranges from 135 to 166 for a calorie burn of 390.

The watch, a Mio Shape Select, is easier to use than my old Timex Ironman (which had no heart rate or calorie features) in that the buttons are larger & easier to push, and the mode selection & setting is a little easier to remember or figure out. The old Timex had a louder alarm, though, which was a feature I used periodically. The Mio alarm is just too quiet to be of any use. Also, the Mio chronograph feature, necessary for computing calories burned, only counts down from 99 minutes, so for long bike rides or hikes, you have to stop, reset, and remember your stats from the first measuring. The best thing about the watch is that it's wireless -- no chest strap!

Anyway, not trying to plug a product or anything. Just wondered if anybody else used these & liked them.

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I used a HR monitor when I took a spinning class. I really enjoyed having it. It is interesting to see how the rate can flucturate even with a small change in activity, and it helps you keep your heart rate at the proper exercise level, not too high not too low.

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Very informative! Keeping a daily log of all food consumed and a good workout plan is key any successful diet. I use the free Calories Counter at http://www.fitclick.com to calculate all my meals.

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I use one every day , chest type and love it the key is keeping them clean washing them after each use. Sweat and dead skin builts up on them so keeping them clean is a must. Im to the point if I dont wear mine I feel naked. I love knowing my heart rate and carloies burned for each workout . My goal is to be in the burn zone for 60 min a day so the HRM is a must . Also must mention you do have to keep it tight on your chest but I have no issue with it messing up and have been wearing it for the last 18 months .
Good luck

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