shin splints


Recently I've taken to power walking. I was doing fine, but last night ouch!!!! I've got pain on the front of my leg between the knee and the foot. I'm thinking that it is shin splints. So does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to get over this?


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Rest. Ice. Aspirin.

It's an inflammation of the tendons from overuse.

Also make sur eyour shoes are adequately cushioned and avoid hard surfaces. Power walk on asphalt or grass, not concrete.

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Yes, my step dancing teacher showed me one that did an amazing job of helping shin splints. It takes 2 people.

Throw your leg up on a table. Have someone gently push on your foot so that your shin area gets a good stretch. What a difference it makes.

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as long as they don't tickle you. ;)

You can do the same kind of stretch on a wall too. Just wear shoes.

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