MBT sneakers tone legs?


I also put this question out to the beauty forum, but maybe someone on the exercise and nutrition forum will be more likely to have the answer. Has anyone tried the $200+ MBT sneakers? They are supposed to tone your legs and butt, but they are butt ugly! (-;

They have a convex, built up sole that makes you constantly have to be aware of your balance even when you are standing still. The name, Masai Barefoot Technology, comes from some tribe in Africa. The swiss design is supposedly modeled after their gate, but I read some opinions that ballyhooed the whole shoe/african tribe connection.

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I have them. I like them.

The London Times is the source of the rumor they fight cellulite. The NYTimes says that is a medical imipossibility. The NYTimes quotes a representative of the Masai as saying that among the Masai only the women and children go barefoot.

I'd say give them a try in the store. If they feel good to you give them a try. I googled everything about them, and any fitness studies show only a microscopic effect. I do like the gait they give me.

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