Can anyone help me get six pack abs????


Hi Everyone, I have been trying these for months and months but it doesnâÂÂt help me anymore. I am talking about six pack abs that I am trying to get. I joined a gym for this and the trainer told me that I would get themâ¦but NOOOO!! That did not help me and later on I have tried a few tips that I have been suggested by my friends but that also was of no use (the whole thing helped the abs a littleâ¦but not as I wanted). So, now can anyone suggest me any ways or ideas to get them

Plz give your valuable suggestions!!!

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Search "Abs of Steel".

High Protein and Low Carb Diet. One hour workout 4 x's a week plus walking or jogging.


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In a sense, we all have six pack abs.... and we are all "ripped" for that matter.

The layer of fat just above our muscles gets in the way of viewing them.

Therefore, you are asking the same question as someone who is asking, "how do I lose fat?".

I suspect that some bodies' are more tenacious about clinging to that last little layer of fat that makes most of us look so unripped.

Situps of any sort are not your answer. If your abs are really weak and particularly small because of being sedentary, then perhaps situp types of exercises could help, but the real problem is fat.

Determine your minimum caloric intake and try to stay close to it, and exercise aerobically for as long as you can safely do it on an almost daily basis if not every day.

No human body can make fat very well when those calories are needed for being alive. Problem is, your body will create an incredible appetite once you drop into the lower caloric numbers.

You and your doctor are responsible for your decisions by the way.

Also, you have to decide if you want to donate so much of your attention and energy to the ripped look. As soon as you take some time off from your regime, that smooth look will return! Once you get the six pack... it's not like a permanent feature.

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Turbo Jam series, does wonders for the entire body but can really works the ABS and is a whole lot of fun.

Good luck

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