Has anyone tried the mini-steppers?


I need to do more cardio work to get some of this fat off of me. I hate treadmills, and cannot be outside because of asthma and allergies, so I may purchase a mini-stepper.

Could it give me in 20-30 minutes, a good cardio workout??

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You betcha! But you may have to start slowly because it raises the heart rate faster than a brisk walk, at least for me. When I first started I could only do a few minutes because my heart rate went high. After several months at Curves, I could go 20-30 minutes, easily. (I'm not very overweight and I'm fairly active.) I think it's fun too.

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I haven't tried a min-stepper. I recently purchased a recumbant stationary bicycle that I like very much. Watching my heart rate seems to be the most critical number. I'm not in very good shape, so it is easy for me to go over if I don't watch it closely.

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