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Has anyone ever tried this before?

13 years ago

I have a little mini seedling that I've been watching for a couple of years, it first caught my eye for its super pie crusty/almost serrated edge. Last year it started putting out leaves with a white margin on one side of the leaf. This year it had 3 eyes: the smallest is plain green, the center eye has the white margin on one side, and the final eye (180 degrees from the green eye) has a nice margin on both sides that I'd really like to grow on. The entire plant has retained the piecrusted edge.

I'm contemplating pinching out the center eye, which is currently growing over the nicer eye. I would then let the smaller, plain green and nicer, margined eye grow out until late summer, when I'd divide the eyes and keep the nice one. Is there a better way handling this or any problems with doing it this way?

I've never tried chopping up a hosta to get to one eye so I'd like some encouragement, lol. I just hate the thought of losing that nice eye because the other one is growing over top of it right now.

Thanks in advance,


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