I am not a spamer- from post of 'Awsome virtual workout'


I am sorry that some you thought that I was full of %#@&, I am sorry if I affended anyone, I did not mean to advertise for this company. I was mearly trying to share something great that I had found. There have been several times when people on the internet have told me about wonderful interesting things to try, and it it haddn't been for reading it on the internet forums I would have never found out about these things. I just thought that people that were concerned about taking care of themselves might be interested. Please for give me. This will be the last post that I ever make on this forum.

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Erro, someone must have emailed you saying that we don't allow advertising here. Truly, your posted message sounded like advertising, giving the website and raving on and on about how great the workout was.

Don't be offended. Some here are very sensitive about people promoting their own companies or products. I know I am. Many people try to do it in a sneaky way so others don't realize it really is self-promotion.

So....don't go away mad. Stick around and post when you want to. How great you have found an exercise program you like.

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