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Do you accept uninvited overnight guests?

10 years ago

Okay, maybe that isn't the right title - it sounds ungracious, and I don't mean to be.

But - I have relatives on my dh's side who seem to have no problems inviting themselves to stay at our house whenever they are in town. This is usually a one night visit. These are people who can afford a hotel, but they seem to prefer staying with family instead.

With our work schedules, it often isn't convenient to have overnight guests - we don't have a guest suite, like a hotel. I'd be more comfortable if *we* had the option of inviting them to stay the night, to invite them for dinner, or whatever. When these people invite themselves, I feel put on the spot to drop our plans - not a terrific way to start a visit.

Is this "invite yourself" thing a regional habit? Am I just being ungracious? Is it normal and expected for extended family/inlaws (in this case the siblings, usually) to invite themselves? Usually we do have several weeks notice, if that makes a difference.

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