Yoga vs weight training


Hi all! I am taking cardio and sculpting classes at the gym here but I also want to balance out my exercise plan with some yoga classes. I did sculpting tonight and the yoga class is tomorrow night. Is there anything wrong with backing those up that close?

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mmmmmmm don't know what a sculpting class is, but you should only do heavy duty stretching every other day.

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It depends on your yoga teacher. If the teacher is classically trained, you should not be straining yourself in anyway. I think you will find it a great addition to the cardio and sculpting (I'm thinking that is weight training?)

Yoga is the only exercise that works the internal organs, as well as the muscles. It calms the body and the mind.

There is a lot of "junk" yoga being taught right now. Do a little research and find a really good class - I highly recommend teachers from Integral yoga and Sivananda.
Om shanti.

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