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Does anyone have any ideas how a 50 year old women would start to learn how to run. People who run seem to loose weight so quickly, I walk but the pounds don't seem to move. Is it an age thing?

Thanks for support and ideas to start.

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I think it is more of a knee thing than an age thing. 4 years ago (at 56) I couldn't run at all. Now I run around a gym, but I don't push it because my knees aren't all that great, nor are the trochantric bursa on my hips.

I've lost a little more than 40 pounds, but that is more from watching my food than the exercise, though I have slowly built up to 2 hours a day.

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What kind of walking are you doing?

Last summer Prevention had a program for walking. You could look at their site and see if you could find it online or contact them.

Joanie Greggans has a dvd that I that has a walking program on it.

You need to vary your pace and work up to a certain amount of fast pace to work your heart and burn calories. You can add in weights. Always stretch after the walk, not before.

I ran for 25 years, miss it dreadfully, but the knees are creaking and I don't want to go into the sunset limping.

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I have just started a running program and I am 52. I am not sure if you are asking about form or how to get started. If you google Couch to 5K in 30 days there are some beginner programs that alternate walking and running but most of the programs are 9 weeks. I am on week 2 and not sure that I am ready for week 3. May have to repeat week 2!! Deanna

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I am 51 yo and started jogging last December.
I am muscular and in excellent condition, but I was suprised that I couldn't jog around the block.
Couch potato to 5K in 9 weeks? Try 9 months!
I'm up to a mile and a half and am working on 2 miles.
I hope to run our neighborhood's 5K at the end of October.
I didn't think it would take this long although I'm not pushing myself real hard.
I jog about 4-5 times a week.
I use mapquest to measure my routes.
I don't notice any weight loss, just more definition in my legs.
I'm not doing it for weight loss, just something I've never done before, I can set goals and it's free.
Good Luck and God Bless....Mom

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I'm 45 and after over 10 years of being "obese" by medical terms, I have finally found success on an elliptical machine. Since Feb, I have lost 25 pounds by gradually increasing my time on it, and doing it faithfully 2-3 times per week (I line-dance 1 hr once a week too, that is fun :) ). I started at about 20 minutes and have progressed to 45 minutes. It does not put the stress on your ankles, shins, and knees that regular jogging does.
I use one at a gym - you may want to try that before investing in one.
Prior to the elliptical machine, I got no-where. I could do a treadmill for 30 mins and other weight resistant workouts, and the pounds did not drop. In 45 minutes you can burn almost 500 calories, compared to a treadmill where you struggle to burn 300 calories.
I often read that after menopause, it is much harder for women to lose weight.
Good luck, and hope this helps!

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Start by running in a pool. You'll build cardiovascular endurance (a.k.a burn calories) while protecting your joints. If you dont have access to a pool try speed walking. Record your mile time and every week try to improve your time by at least a minute. After a month increase to two miles and start over with your time. Or find an insanely steep hill. You wont need to run after walking up a steep incline. And you will protect your joints while burning off the excess weight.

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You need 20 minutes of non-stop running or cardio to gain benefits to your metabolism so 1 mile won't do much.

Additionally, as with any activity you MUST change up routine so your body does not get comfortable with routine (e.g. walking).

Running will cause weight lost if you are sweating excessively but again require a distance.

My suggestion - balance cycling (less impact) and running every other day of the week (select two days as off). 15 minutes of very slow running, and the next day 30 minutes of cycling. And increase weekly about 5 minutes on each and speed.

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