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Stationery bike or outdoor bicycle

16 years ago

We want to add cycling to our routine and are considering purchasing a stationery bike for the house. We already have a treadmill so the bike would be for cross-training (a fancy word for "variety").

The advantage of a stationery bike is, of course, the convenience of being able to use it 24/7, rain or shine, day or night. However, the advantages of an outdoor bike include the outdoor/sunshine factor, and being able to take them wherever we go.

My husband already has a bicycle (which needs fixing and cleaning) but I don't. In the past, I owned a 12-speed and I just could not get the hang of changing the gears. I always jammed the gears and finally gave up (please tell me I am not the only one who did this!!), so I'm thinking of a simpler bike with only 3 gears and regular handle bars (not the racing bars) to just ride around the neighborhood or along the beach when we are on vacation -- no off-road riding or racing at all.

Can anyone make any recommendations for a type of bike for me, that will increase my chances of riding it often?


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