best workout & gym trax for my ipod?


... I need new music: mostly for running but also for a full gym workout... I need some suggestions as I'm tired of listening to the same old stuff. I tend to buy stuff on itunes, not really wanting to mess my computer with the pirate programs.......

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yeah I agree, it's just a lot easier to download from itunes then mess around with other stuff.....

If you're looking for workout/gym music on itunes, hereÂs a shortcut -- type "EURO CLUB HITS" into to search....

look for the album series with the big black logo and the different colored backgrounds...

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I was going to suggest Napster, but I see you have Apple, and Napster is not compatible with Apple. I find tons of good music on Napster. Lately I've been working out with the Stones' greatest hits album.


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