Anybody doing hot yoga?


I have been doing hot yoga (room temp. is 105-110) for 30 days now. I am the only old, fat lady in the class. I will never be very good but I am strangely drawn to go back because it is such a challenge. I have multiple medical problems including diabetes and chronic kidney disease. I have to wear a heart monitor. I am hoping that my legs will get stronger and that sweating is taking some of the load off my kidneys. I was already exercising about 2 hours a day at the senior citizen center where they think I am a mere "youngster". I lift weights, do the treadmill faithfully, spend 30 minutes on an elliptical, do lots of ankle exercises - but it didn't prepare me for yoga. The interesting thing is that you are told to do everything with a locked out knee. My left knee is bad and I was afraid of hurting it, but instead it has gotten better.

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The yoga that we have in my town is not hot yoga; although one instructor gets us pretty warm as her class is 90 minutes. Sounds like you are one busy "young"women. Deanna


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